The Route of the Volcanoes

The Route of the Volcanoes

Crossing the Andes in Patagonia between Argentina and Chile

The Route of the Volcanoes is a five-day cross-border journey between Argentina and Chile that follows the path of the most extraordinary volcanoes in Patagonia.


December 13, 2020

This day will be the first of the program listed below.

This Double Crossing of the Andes traverses the region with the richest natural beauty shared by both countries, bringing together unique areas of conservation, adventure, ecotourism, and culture in the world.

Each day of the tour will be defined by the splendor of majestic landscapes, cultural knowledge, and the opportunity to experience activities in close contact with nature.

We will have the chance to visit the active and smoldering Villarrica Volcano, the beautiful town of San Martin de los Andes, the unique Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve, the majestic Lanin Volcano, the cross-border boat journey navigating Pirihueico with the glaciers of Choshuenco Volcano as witnesses, the warm city of Pucón, the Seven Lakes Route, the Museum of Volcanoes, Deer, Waterfalls like Huilo Huilo or Puma Falls, among many others.

Visual appeal is important, but emotions also matter here, as we can experience rafting on the untamed Trancura River, trekking to unique locations, 4x4 excursions, mountain biking through trails, a variety of hot springs, visiting indigenous communities, and other experiences that blend with the best gastronomy representing both countries.

The route connects the cities of San Martin de los Andes (Argentina) with Pucón (Chile), and then continues to the Huilo Huilo Biological Reserve. It includes two nights in each of these locations, with a full day for activities in each place. The connections between these places are made through Transfer/Excursion arrangements, where a coordinator/guide will take us to visit and explore the most extraordinary sites along these routes, as well as provide assistance with immigration procedures, recommend places to visit, suggest excursions, and guide us on how to fully enjoy these days.

Mapa ruta de los volcanes


We suggest arriving in San Martin de los Andes two days before the departure day in order to have time to explore this beautiful mountain village and enjoy any of the excursion options available there, such as the Seven Lakes Route, Lake Huechulafquen, choosing from various adventure tourism options, or enjoying the surrounding National Park.

Suggested Pre-Day 1: Arrival in San Martin de los Andes. Time to explore this beautiful mountain village and meet to discuss activities for Day 2, as well as handle administrative and travel details.

Suggested Pre-Day 2: Free day to participate in activities such as rafting, trekking, mountain biking through trails, kayaking, or traditional excursions like the Seven Lakes to Villa la Angostura, Lanin Volcano southern face and Lake Huechulafquen, or Meliquina village with Chapelco Hill.Villa la Angostura

DAY 1: START OF THE VOLCANO ROUTE with Transfer/Excursion to Pucón, departing at 8 am. We will cross the Patagonian steppe until we reach the base of Lanin Volcano, Customs Crossing (Mamuil Malal Pass), Christ of the Frontier, Quillelhue Lagoon, Trancura River, and enjoy the view of Villarrica Volcano. Arrival in Pucón at 1 pm. PUC01

DAY 2: Morning in Pucón includes an excursion to the base of Villarrica Volcano. In the afternoon, you can choose from various activities such as rafting, trekking to the crater with lava of Villarrica, hot springs, canopy tours, paragliding, or a variety of traditional excursions, or simply explore this picturesque city.Ruta de los Volcanes

DAY 3: Transfer/Excursion to Huilo Huilo. Departure at 9 am. We will visit the city and lake of Villarrica, the town of Licanray, Calafquen Lake, Coñaripe, Pangipulli Lake, Mocho Choshuenco Volcano, Fui River, and arrive in Huilo Huilo at 1 pm. Afternoon free to explore one of the four theme parks in the Reserve. We will visit the most emblematic hotels in this reserve: Montaña Mágica and Nothofagus. You can also visit the Puma or Huilo Huilo waterfall, the Deer and Wild Boar Reserve, the Volcano Museum, and the Petermann Brewery.Ruta de los Volcanes

DAY 4: Free day in Huilo Huilo to visit any of the aforementioned activities or engage in activities such as Canopy, Bird Watching, Volcanic Caves, Spa, Trekking, Canopy, swimming pool, lake kayaking, and more.

Ruta de los Volcanes

DAY 5: Crossing the Andes into Argentina by navigating Lake Pirihueico. Departure at 9 am. We will visit Puerto Fui, Puerto Pirihueico, Hua Hum area, Nonthe and Lacar Lakes, and Volcán Colorado. Arrival in San Martin de los Andes at 5 pm. (End of the tour)

There are two service options:


Includes: Transfer/Excursion throughout the circuit.

Not Included: Accommodation and meals, which must be arranged by each passenger individually.

Price per person: USD 359.


Includes: Transfer/Excursion throughout the circuit, Accommodation in a 3-star category, Half Board (Breakfast and Dinner).

Price per person: USD 985.

Does not include park entrance tickets, Excursions in destinations not included in this program, and mandatory travel insurance fee.

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